We use top-modern machines, and often we get some new ones. Our production area is air conditioned.
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That means, that material is always measured and processed with identical conditions. We have lengthening and surface measuring instruments a well equipped messraum and use form -, predominantly from Zeiss. Highest manufacturing precision guarantees among other things the employment of a calibration plant of fine measuring/UHL. We have modern machines made by Traub, Eco, Gildemeister and Boehringer (from bar to 65 mm, from the fodder to 320 mm, Y and x axis with propelled tools). We control external loops between points, pointedless and flying up to a diameter of 260 mm and a abrasive length of 600 mm on machines of Studer, Kellenberger and Buhmueller, flat grinding 600 x 500 mm with profile grinding. Our processing centers have a maximum spindle range of X 750, Y 500, Z 700. For the superfinishing are to us honing machines as well as honing-lapping and superfinishing machines at the disposal. Complex coded programs are provided at our programming place.

For the warming and surface treatment of our products such as hardnesses, burnishing, chromium-plating, recompensing etc. we cooperate with certified partner companies from our region. Large speed and efficiency mark this co-operation.